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Premiums for the 2015 AKC pointing breed Hunt Test are now available. The deadline for submitting premiums is 6:00 p.m. Wednesday April 22, 2015.  You will need Adobe Reader to view the premiums, you can download Adobe Reader here.

Saturday's Premiums

Sunday's Premiums


Each year the Badgerland Gordon Setter Club through it's parent organization, the Gordon Setter Club of America, sponsors an AKC pointing breed hunt test.  This test is open to all pointing breeds and is held at Pine Island Wildlife Area near Portage, Wisconsin.

A wide variety of pointing breeds participate in the Hunt Test. Gordon Setters are well represented at all levels; Master, Senior, and Junior, and do an outstanding job.


Judges on horseback look on as a Master Hunter brace prepares to leave the starting line.

Clyde and Boon prepare to start their Master level run.

The Badgerland bird planters and gunners waiting for the next brace.

Sydney is ready to start her Junior level brace.

Henry takes off from the starting line.

Molly and Gunny with their handler Steve had a good day in the Senior and Master field.