Information on the Gordon Setter breed and dogs in general can be found at a variety of web sites.

Gordon Setter Links

  • Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.
    The Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc. is the parent organization of the Badgerland Gordon Setter Club.  The GSCA web site has a wealth of information on the Gordon Setter breed.
  • American Kennel Club
    The American Kennel Club's web site contains information regarding many dog breeds including Gordon Setters. 
  • Gordon Setter Breed Standards
    The Breed Standard gives the criteria for the ideal Gordon Setter.
  • Grooming a Gordon Setter
    The Gordon Setter does require regular grooming.  They need a good brushing at least weekly and a full grooming at least every four to six weeks.  This is one of several links that discuss the basics of grooming a Gordon Setter.


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